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Learning Parts

There are various options for learning specific voice parts. Some websites allow you to listen and sing along to your voice part online; others allow you to buy CDs or download voice parts for a fee.

Free online practice resources

Cyberbass: This site contains many of the choral repertoire’s major works, with every voice part available to play online. The site uses a browser plugin which you may have to install the first time you use the site.

Choralia: This site uses a ‘cyber voice’ that sings the words to the music, or you can download the parts to your own computer in mp3 format free of charge (voluntary donation requested).

Learnchoralmusic: On this site you can download the music in ‘midi’ format. To play these you’ll need to download a suitable MIDI player (google: midi player) or you can convert them from MIDI to MP3 ( in order to listen to them on your computer’s media player.

Voice part practice CDs

Choraline: Comprehensive library of much of the choral repertoire available either as CDs or downloadable MP3 files.

Pronunciation of non-English lyrics

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of foreign words, try using Google Translate. Paste in the foreign word in the left box, select the appropriate language if necessary, e.g. Italian, and click on the loudspeaker icon in the bottom left of the box. If you don’t hear anything, check that your computer speaker volume is high enough.