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Friday, 26 April, 2024 - 18:00

Joyful jazz at the Tung Auditorium with Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats


Join us in Liverpool for Ellington's Sacred Concert – a selection of pieces for jazz band and choir. These fantastic pieces ooze Ellington from start to finish and are, in his own words, ‘the most important thing I have ever done’.

An eclectic and ever-changing set of songs, some of which were composed right at the end of Ellington’s life, the Sacred Concert music remains fresh and vibrant, with great lines for the soprano soloist and the wonderful jazz vibes we expect from Ellington’s work.

One of the most famous jazz musicians in the world, Duke Ellington wrote and collaborated on more than 1000 pieces of music in his lifetime. His inventive use of jazz bands and orchestras helped him to build a reputation as a highly significant and creative composer.


Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats

We're delighted to be joined by Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats along with singer Louise Ellinsen.

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Ellington:Sacred Concert



Vivace Chorus conducted by Jeremy Backhouse, featuring Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats with soprano Louise Ellinsen.