In summary it boils down to:

  • DON’T attend in-person (use Zoom instead) if you feel unwell or are at heightened risk of carrying covid– see details.
  • DO a lateral flow test as close to rehearsal as possible – see details.
  • We will be singing without masks, but wearing masks when not in our places (unless you are mask exempt).
  • Seating is every other row, and an arms-length apart from your neighbour.
  • Ventilation will be maximised - so skimpy dressers beware - and we have reduced the need to mix closely: attendance register will be completed by voice rep; refreshment service is paused for now; and avoid gathering in groups.
  • If you can’t attend a rehearsal, log in to a basic live stream on Zoom – not ideal but you can keep in-touch with Jeremy’s instruction, and have a go a singing solo. Details below.
  • DO tell us if you subsequently test positive for Covid.

Right, a few expansions on the points above:

  1. Please take a conservative view on attending live - singing isn’t like meeting someone for a chat in an office, coffee shop or pub. Symptoms of covid have changed with the march of variants and vaccination, and asymptomatic transmission is a fact-of-life. So if you have a suspicion you are at risk, feel unwell or have had close contact with someone infected, have a go at attending by zoom for a week just to be on the safe side. It won’t count against you in terms of qualifying for the concert.
  2. Lateral flow tests are available, free, at over 90% of pharmacists – just walk in and ask, or by ordering online from Order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests
  3. The zoom rehearsal alternative details will be communicated separately to members.
    This may change. Latest details will be here.
  4. The Baptist church is cleaned Monday morning, and fortunately its a large airy space.
  5. We will be having our usual break. Rather like many public places, please wear masks when walking around, but quietly talking with a friend in their seat as you might over dinner in a restaurant seems reasonable without masks.
  6. Attendance register will be kept by voice reps/committee, so no need to sign in or bunch-up at the entrance. But do catch the eye of the voice rep as they scan the rows.
  7. Seating rows will be marked, but in any case please promptly follow any directions given by Committee Members or Voice Reps.
  8. In order to assist Track and Trace, Jeremy will take a photo of us all when we are seated, as this will help identify ‘close contacts’ should anybody subsequently test positive. These photographs will be deleted after 14 days.
  9. There is no need to register in advance for rehearsals – that system belongs to a much earlier phase of response to the covid question.

Any questions, feel free to contact a committee member, or Peter at