Plaudits for the Plameri and Todd concert

Palmeri and Todd

Thank you to all for a memorable night of tango and jazz!

Here are some of many plaudits received:

A wonderful evening, I thought. The programme worked really well, with the different fusion styles complementing each other. Excellent choral singing and the band did a great job too. Bravo to you for holding us all together. I had lots of great feedback after the concert and it seemed like a pretty happy audience.

Will Todd

Saturday just felt like a joyful unpretentious celebration of music and it was fun! Thanks to Jeremy Backhouse for inviting us, Will Todd for agreeing to play with us and for his energy and fantastic composition, Vivace Chorus for their enthusiasm, great tuning and supportive vibes, the Will Todd quartet for their driving rhythmic excellence, loads of people for coming, Julian Rowlands for playing beautifully and Richard and Paula for their stunning dancing.

I think it was probably the most rewarding evening I have had since starting to work with the quartet.

Jonny Hennessy-Brown for the Santiago Quartet

Brilliant concert - multiple congratulations! Mass in Blue was really stunning in all departments - Vivace were a real credit to you and sang out of their socks. The best thing I've heard you do with them!

Francis Pott

It was an immense pleasure for me to perform with your powerful and breathtaking choir.

Richard Manual

Others include:

Congratulations on an incredible artistic spectacle last night. We loved the tango dancers, bandoneon and the Will Todd arrangement to include strings. Bravo Jeremy Backhouse and all for a superb concert.

Fab concert last night What an inspired programme!!!
All immensely enjoyable. The choir was fantastic and I thought the band were superb. Many congratulations.

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