The Singing Cyclists 2014

On 18th May 2014, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vivace Chorus, the London Philharmonic Choir, Wimbledon Choral Society and Twickenham Choral Society are performing Verdi's Requiem, conducted by Jeremy Backhouse.

To mark this event, some of the singers are taking part in a sponsored cycle ride from Paris, where Verdi wrote the Requiem, to the Royal Albert Hall. The journey starts in Paris on 25th April, ending 28th April in London.

We are proud to be supporting The Rainbow Trust in this venture.


29th April update:

We did it!

After 205.3 miles, 15 hours and 38 minutes in the saddle, a cumulative gain in elevation of nearly 6,000 feet over 4 days, and a (very respectable) 13 miles per hour average speed, the Singing Cyclists completed their Paris to London marathon bang on schedule at 2:30 on Monday afternoon of the 28th April 2014.

Please continue to donate using the Virgin Money Giving site. We will keep it open until the concert.


Biker's Blog: Peter

I didn’t know I had to cycle to Rome first.

I was there at the genesis -  “let’s cycle from Verona to London” – and scoffed at the 3 weeks, not to mention Alps, that would separate start from painful finish. In a pub, where else?  So when Owen trimmed his sails to a ‘simple’ Paris to London, I signed up without thought.

We have kit!

We have splashed and bought ourselves some shirts in order to promote both the Rainbow Trust and the Verdi concert.

Biker's blog: Chris

There is pure dedication in “Team Vivace”. Dedication to push beyond the comfortable, beyond even the somewhat tiring. We are driving relentlessly toward our goal. No hill too high and all that. Nothing can be allowed to get in our way.

Well, except last week.

Biker's blog: Gill

“What have I let myself in for?”

This is the clean version of the thought that goes through my head every time I look up from the handlebars and see another hill looming in front of me. It turns out that cycling a long way is quite hard work.