Come and Sing 2015

Booking has opened for the Vivace Chorus Come and Sing day held on 24th January 2015. This year we sing Mozart's Solemn Vespers and Mass in C. It is always a very popular event and we recommend you register as soon as possible. Please follw the Come and Sing link for details.

Thank You To All

Can we extend our thanks to all involved in the phenomenal performance of Verdi Requiem at the Royal Albert Hall on 18th May 2014.

Please see below for some photos from the concert.

The Magic of Live Music

Can 150 voices sound like a whisper? At Vivace, they can. We can sing with the subtlety of a much smaller group, but when the music calls for volume, we deliver with staggering power. Never losing musicality and interpretation, we take the notes from the page and turn them into astonishing live experiences.
That’s why audiences keep coming back: it’s the pull of being in the moment with the performers, feeling the vibrations and seeing the passion at first hand.