Review of Chantez!

Star rating: ****

Saturday saw GLive transported across the channel for a night immersed in the elegance of French classical music.

The Magic of Live Music

Can 150 voices sound like a whisper? At Vivace, they can. We can sing with the subtlety of a much smaller group, but when the music calls for volume, we deliver with staggering power. Never losing musicality and interpretation, we take the notes from the page and turn them into astonishing live experiences.
That’s why audiences keep coming back: it’s the pull of being in the moment with the performers, feeling the vibrations and seeing the passion at first hand.

From Page to Stage

Great composers come in all shapes and sizes. From familiar faces to new names, we perform works that make you sit up and listen. With a wealth of classic and contemporary choral music to choose from, we programme our concerts to let our audiences enjoy inspiring, moving, uplifting and jubilant singing that leaves a lasting impression.
Reviving forgotten composers, revelling in famous works and revealing new masters, our focus is on performing works that bring joy to singers and audiences alike.